Thursday, April 18, 2013

World Class Mixing and Mastering By Wade Martin

If you need a world class recording studio in Las Vegas, then you ought to visit Wade Martin Studios. It is a studio that specializes in recording, mixing, and mastering your dream. The spacious studio boasts of the latest state of the art technology that enables it to offer quality engineering to its numerous clients. Designed and operated by a super producer, award winning song writer, expert mix and mastering engineer, the studio satisfies its clients needs. It is renowned for mastering techniques and they make use of latest digital technology that comes with high end analog limiting and EQ.

The studio is safely located in a gated complex with high tech security system. The studio is a spacious one comprising of a large control room, small live room, a large vocal booth, a grand piano room, and a private bar with seats. These rooms are fully equipped with the latest state of art equipment. They boast of top notch technology like Neve, Chandler, SSL 9000J and many more. The entire place is covered by Mogami quad cabling as well as terminated Neutrick connections for all panels. There are touch screens in all rooms to help artists interface with pro tools or work directly with their lyrics without the need of assistance from the engineer. The place has its own clean power grid making it possible to continue working even when there is no power in the city.

You will enjoy using the control room which is acoustically designed. This will make everything sound as it is supposed to be starting from tracking, mixing, and mastering. If need be, you can get sound samples from their library which is stocked with every sound imaginable. While in the studio working, you can take breaks and get snacks, beverages, or even you can start watching TV as you wide down. If you do not want to go to the studio, you can send your project electronically and expect to get the best results imaginable.

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